Quick Note for You

Most of my life I was and still am intrigued with computers.  What you can do with them and how they have simplified certain task and the overall technology that keeps evolving. 

However, with my personal computers I recognized sometimes it’s good to optimize them for performance to help them run more efficiently and effectively.  We are not so different in that aspect. 

We at times, must optimize our bodies, mind and spirit for optimum performance so that we can be more effective at what we do.  So, within you busy and hectic schedules always find time to rejuvenate yourself so that you can be running at optimum performance.

The Power of Belief

“You do not believe what you see; you see what you already believe.”

Wayne Dyer.

I heard it called the law of belief and many times the power of belief.  I too, believe we can be at any point in life and have the ability to shape our futures, not by what we see is possible, but what we believe is possible for ourselves.  However, I have also learned in order to change our beliefs there are other considerations that we must also alter, tweak, change, or simply reconstruct from the ground up. 

Which are our attitudes, preconceived notions, habits, and even desires must all be aligned with what and how we will want to shape our future.  Ancient writings have said “as a man thinketh so is he”  This saying is not to be taken lightly because it is speaking of when we think about in a consistent fashion with feeling, conviction, compounded with the desires from the heart, mind and spirit, it will become a reality of our own within the laws of reality.

It has been written many years ago by a prominent person, “According to your faith, it will be done unto you.”  What you believe is powerful.  Again, it doesn’t matter where you are in life, what you have done in your past, Remember, as of right now you can change.  It’s never too early and never too late. Go for it right now.  I once heard that the richest place on earth is the grave yard.  That is where all the unrealized dreams, great inventions, iconic ideas died without having the opportunity to birth all because where those amazing ideas were conceived never were given the oxygen to breath and take on a life of their own.

Don’t let your ideas, aspirations, and dreams die in the waste lands of the unconceived.  The world need you to be brave and come forth with your ingenious inventions or ideas that can enhance the way we see or do things for the better.



Have you ever had the feeling you were just not cutting it?  You are not the one for the job or the opportunity?  Perhaps you may have had the misfortune to comparing yourself to others who have more education, a longer tenure, more charisma then you, or simply a better overall way of doing things and look good doing it.  I have, and generally I have been told you are too hard on yourself, and also been told you need to relax a little, it’s not that serious.  

Recently, I had the good fortune of someone telling me they are very impressed with my work, my dedication as well as the quality and passion I put into what I do every day.   I have to admit hearing that made my day.  But one thing I also noticed was I have to recognize my own quality and dedication that I have in everything that I do.  Can I continue to be transparent here?  It’s really the only thing I have in this world that no one can take away from.  My ability to be honest, my integrity, my passion to continue to grow with the ability to impact the lives of others in a positive manner. I will always be critical in a good way of myself.

I am always striving to become better at all I do.  We may live in a cynical world but let’s not adapt to the worldly ways and understand change take time, dedication, hard work, and an undying effort to makes things better for all.  So my question to you is; how critical are you toward others?  We are so quick to tell others what they are doing wrong. Reminder: make sure every now and then you let someone know you appreciate them.  Or simply say I love you to your significant other or kids.

A little sincerity, consideration, and passion toward others goes a long way. 

Special Note; I would like to know what you think.  If you can take a minute out of your time to let me know, it would mean the world to me.

A Cup of Friday Inspiration

We all know today is Friday.  However, it doesn’t mean slow down.  Today is the time to BRING IT ALL!  Its crunch time to maximize your week or bring it altogether for the grand finale.   Make final adjustments, assist one more person, and inspire those around you to become the best versions of themselves. 

Today, is the day you become laser focused as you bring a close to the week.  Also don’t forget to be strategic on how you can make next week better than this week.  Today is also a great time to think about reflection.  If there something or someone you have neglected, it’s not too late to pick up the pieces and repair what has been neglected or fractured.  With this in mind, I wish you all a great weekend.

A Note From The Author

This morning I am reminded more so than every morning that we are standing in the mist of greatness.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, or what status in life you are at, what nationality or ethnicity you are.  We are all standing in the mist of greatness. 

Just the mere fact that you are here and was allow to have another day on this earth.  Don’t waste another month, not another week, not another hour or even another minute.  Stand fast in the mist of your own greatness and believe in your own destiny and watch the power of the almighty shake the rivers of opportunity upon your life. It is your time to shine and rise up into who you were destine to be.

Start Something New for the New Year

This Picture was taken in the city of Dallas By David Burton.

I believe there are so many great ways one can earn an income from home.  However, it is a learning curve you will have to endure.  What are you good at?  What are your strengths? What are your passions?  I was out and about today and stopped at the store and asked the cashier what is your hobby or what are you passionate about?  To my surprise, she was only able to rattle off, she enjoys reading in her spare time.  There is nothing wrong with that.  In fact, I enjoy reading a great deal.

In this day and time, you have to have more than one stream of income to live comfortably. I said more than one stream of income, I didn’t say you have to have two to five jobs.  You just need to know how to earn money in more ways than one.  Over the years I relied heavily on my previous skills and it has served me well.  As time passes you have to assess your skills, learn to adapt and update your skills to be competitive in the marketplace.

I want to share with you my take.  But before I do, I want to ask you a question first.  Are you working for someone else helping to build their dreams or do you work for yourself?  If you love what you do, then more power to you and I wish you all the best. 

If you work for someone and really would appreciate the opportunity to call the shots in the years to come?  Or, do you want to be in charge of the income you earn?  Here is my take.  In order to be successful, and I am using that term successful loosely. One must constantly learn and grow as a person as well as their skills.  Why? Because what may have worked years ago will not work as well now.  For example; Newspapers, radio, billboards, and believe it or not, business cards are a form of advertising thing of the past.

We are in the world of digitality and the internet is the new real estate that governs a great deal of how the world interacts today. Why not own a piece of that real estate and let it earn money for you? If purchase a building and charge rent to the tenants you essentially earn money while you sleep.  If you own a website that provides a service, products, such as books, clothing, or education, etc. 

You can earn money while you sleep.  There are so many ways to earn money but you have to believe in what you are doing and bring value to the marketplace.  That is easily said than done.  I for one have tried many times and failed. 

You want to know the great thing about life?  If you don’t produce the results you are seeking.  Dust yourself off and try a different method until you find a way or an idea that does works.  I use to sell clothes for five years, I cut hair for eight years, I have sold newspapers, I have sold vacuum cleaners and shampooers, only to find that shampooing rugs was more lucrative than selling the equipment. 

I had a computer that stopped working properly and then, stopped powering on.  I bought a book to figure out how to fix my computer and when I fixed the computer.  I turned that into a business and I have been in the computer industry for the past twenty-year plus.  I owned a handy paint business for years and stopped doing that three years ago. 

I have become an insurance agent for the past three years and worked in a help desk compacity for ten plus years as well.  Why tell you all of this?  It’s simple!  Sometimes we do things out of necessity and become good at it.  If you become really good why not earn money for a season or for as long as you can if possible.  I asked you earlier, what are you good at?  Is it something you can provide value with as you earn extra money? 

Then earn money and provide value.  Find your path and make it work.  Most importantly, never give up on what you want to do in life.  If you want to start your own business you can. If you want to go back to school, it’s never too late.  If you are stuck in a dead-end position and don’t think you have a way out, make no mistake, there is a way out. You have to believe in your ability to change for the better and seek out all that is good in life for your self and those around you.

Take a look at my new store I am currently working on.  I have plans for this to grow. I wish to provide positive messages through the clothing line I am developing. I plan on spreading a positive and uplifting message through my writing, clothing line. I would also like some honest critiquing. I have to work on the company’s story and grow the brand. I am not afraid to fail forward until I learn what works. What about you?

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Happy New Year!

I often wonder what will the new year hold for me.  I then reflect on all that was done for me.   I think of All the blessings I and my family have received throughout the year.  I know for some, it may not seem like a lot has happened for you, it may appear that things didn’t go your way. I want you to think for a moment, are you still here?

Are you still able to move forward with hope in your heart, mind, and in your spirit? Are you blessed with another day to give life a try and make what didn’t happen yesterday happen today or tomorrow?  Remember, it does not matter what status in life you are in right now.  It does not matter what economic downfall you may be experiencing right now.

It doesn’t matter where you live, where you work, what you wear, or how you look right now.  All that matters is you recognize your situation is temporary and you have the power to change it.  Look destiny in the eyes and declare your presence.  You are one of the most extraordinary human beings in this world with the compacity to shape your future to what you can see it too be.

As a person thinks, so shall they be.  What do you want to think of about yourself for the year 2019?  Think it into existence, think it into reality, but most of all.  Know that all things are possible through Jesus Christ.  Have faith in your ability to execute your new plan in 2019.  

May God bless your paths and lay them straight.  May you experience a love filled with passion that takes your breath away.  May you let God help you build a foundation so strong to prevail against the evil in this world which stands the test of time.  I pray God will free you from worry and bring clarity to your mind.  In the new year you will have nothing to fear because I pray you have the power of the almighty guiding you through the year.  It is you moment, don’t fret.  The new year is here and you haven’t seen nothing yet.  

I will pray that your decision making be sharpened, your senses heightened, your aspirations elevated and your load lightened.  I know the almighty lives in you and in me, it’s up to you to believe in the mustard seed of truth that can set you free.  So, with this prayer for the new year I ask God to bless you all.  For tonight drink up, be merry and have a ball.  Tomorrow will be your time to rest and on Wednesday I expect you to be back on the grind to become your very best.

My best wishes to you all.  Happy New Years.

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