This morning I woke up with the expectations I was going to have a great workout and was expecting something good to happen.  Well, so far my expectation are being fulfilled.  I had an awesome workout, good things are happening outside the gym and I am feeling awesome right now!  I wonder what would happen if we awoke with the expectation all good thing will come our way.

I will apply this in my life here in and out. Why?  When we expect something or believe in something with faith it’s most likely going to occur.  Example; if you are trying to achieve something in your life and don’t believe you can achieve it.  Guest what?  You probably won’t.  However, on the flip side of that coin you do believe and do all humanly possible to make what you believe happen, it will.

So, set your expectation on high and demand from yourself the very best you have to offer.sayings-nobody-succeeds_13727-0


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