My Push Up Challenge To My Self

This is crazy.  The other day I was thinking, I am not seeing the result I want and must change my exercises and of course I have the change the way I have been eating.  Right now I want to talk briefly about what I want to incorporate this year in my routine.

I tried doing some pushups and thought I would start with about fifteen or twenty.  Was I sadly mistaken when I dropped down I was only able to do two.  I was embarassed to say the leased.  So starting tomorrow I will be recording my progress on push up daily.

My gym does not allow me to record video so I will be recording this before I go to the gym or after.  I will let you in on my goal for my pushup venture.  My goal is to be able to do fifty pushups without stopping.  However, I have to start small and that is what I will do starting tomorrow.



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