Dying Doing Pushups

right, I am not dying.  However, it sure feels like it.  My problem is being consistent.  I start out great for one month and then BAM!!!  I get sick and then back to square one.  I am an asthmatic but that is no excuse.  It’s just lately I can feel my self getting lazy.  I was in the gym for four years and the first two years I was in there for six days a week loving it.  Until a year ago I caught pneumonia in both lungs.

I then cut my days down to four days a week.  Now that I have a full time job at night and trying to build my business in the day, don’t have enough time to workout as I first set out to do.  Then I had the great idea to workout just for a few minutes before I start my day.  I thought I would start with pushups and figured, how hard can it be.  I started with one push up and move up the latter to twenty-five at one time.   However, again working the long hours I keep getting sick and is unable to complete my small workouts.

I am searching for suggestions from anyone who cares to read this.  Looking for suggestion on a busy schedule.  My work days are typically 12 -18 hour days.



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