Life Just Doesn’t Happen

Life is a series of choices we make along the journey in growing.  Every choice we make moves us in a direction which is a specific path set in motion from our choices.  We must become better at making choices in order to experience better outcomes in life.   Chew on this thought for a moment, making choices is one of the most performed activities we engage in every day.  If so, why are there so many people making bad choices in as an adult? 

I suppose it’s by habit we make bad choices or perhaps the lack of common sense.  In any event, if you are not moving in the direction you thought you would be moving in.  Make the conscious decision to change course, change direction and get back on track so you may arrive at your intended destination.

Did you know, the choices you make can become a foundation for which to build upon to live better in the days, months, and years to come?  Your everyday choices can undeniably take you to the brink of poverty or take you to the heights of success you have yet to imagine?

I, for one, am not a professional at making choices.  Over the years I have to make better choices in my life and continue to practice conscience decision making because the choices that we make as individuals we still have to be cognizant of decisions, we make that will affect those around us.

I believe our habits and choices intertwine seamlessly together.  You make a choice to do something and make a habit out of it.  Whether it be conscience or unknowingly on auto-pilot, (habit.)  Let’s say you go to work every morning.  Some people drive the same route every morning regardless of traffic oblivious to a more efficient route of travel.  We are creatures of habit, knowing this is true, wouldn’t it make sense to consciously choose to create better habits. 

Improve your choice making to make better habits that will ultimately change your life for the better. Wow!  Is it really that simple?  Yes!  However, we must be willing to make a better choice and have a reason to create a better habit.  What are some habits you can do without in your life?  What are some areas in your life you can improve upon? What behaviors can you change right now that will improve your life in the years to come?

Let me ask you this?  Have you ever been on the outs with any of your family members?  What decisions caused this?  What choices have you made or they made that made your relationship estranged? Have they changed for the better, or you changed for the better and the relationship is still estranged?  By choice, you or the other person have decided to keep things estranged or distant.  Time changes, people change, circumstances change, whether for good or bad.  It all boils down to the choices we make and continue to make that will keep things estranged, distant, bad, or good, and maybe even great.  It’s choice, nothing more.  A simple choice.

I talk from experience, what kept me from reaching out to estranged family members is the fear of being rejected, criticized, ostracized, or feeling ashamed.  However, I had to put all of that aside and realized, all those things are feelings I would experience if it were to come to pass.  But I would have never known the truth of an outcome had I not made the conscious decision, the choice to reconcile and help repair the damaged relationship.  I imagined something that I didn’t even feel, instead, experience the joy of repairing a wonderful relationship that has endured the test of time.  What about you? 

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Show UP In 2019!

Motivated to be fit is not only a saying but a frame of mind.  It’s about being dedicated to making that one change in your life that will ultimately make the difference between the old you and the transformation you seek for yourself.  It’s an alteration of lifestyle and for once, you choose yourself to overhaul and not leaving it to fate, or say you will do it later by procrastinating.  

Draw the line in the sand right now and stand up and declare, this is my time.  I will make this change for me, not anyone else.  I come first!  You have to know, by putting yourself first it’s not an act of selfishness, but an act of awareness in knowing you have to take care of yourself in order to be in a position to help others.

With the year ending, so many of us take the time to reflect on our lives, and once that is done.  We tend to put in motion what we plan on doing differently in the years to come.  Many people are accustomed to making new year’s resolutions and so many people fizzle out in the second or third month into the new year. 

As of writing this I am 243lbs

Without taking too much of your time up, I like to share a thought with you.  I have recently lost sixty-one pounds this year and it wasn’t easy.  It took dedication, sacrifice, and a burning desire to succeed.  In short, it took a lifestyle change that made all the difference in my transformation. Gaining weight didn’t happen overnight either, it took time, neglect, laziness, and not showing up for own self all those years.  My point is this, for the new year coming in. 

Make a commitment to show up for yourself and rise to the top with persistence, dedication, desire, and a focused goal with the tenacity to move in the direction you seek every single day.  SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF! Don’t let the daily grind of life get in the way of your dreams and aspirations.  This is your time!  Your moment to succeed at being the very best version of yourself.

Rise to the top in style. Wear something positive and spread a message of positivity to everyone who will receive the message. Plant seeds of goodness.
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All Vegan Baby Pillow

So, it’s all about the vegan lifestyle you say. Go ahead sport your vegan way of life. Be proud of it, this is your way of life right? I don’t know much about veganism and I, for one have no problem with anyone being vegan. In fact, for some people, it works well. For others, well, it’s not for them.

Be all you can be I say. Whatever rocks your boat and makes you happy is all that really matters at the end of the day. Don’t you agree? For all you vegan lovers out there, here is an awesome way to sport your way of life in style. Take a look at this red “All Vegan Baby” sweatshirt with a white design.

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Mesquite Undeveloped Land

This is off of Cartwright in Mesquite, Texas

I have lived in Mesquite for five years now, and it has grown on me somewhat. I now envision what it would look like with added additions to my own neighborhood. Although I must be perfectly transparent here, I know nothing about real estate or it’s the industry. Nevertheless, there are some things for which I believe would benefit, if only someone had the vision, the tenacity, the incite, the finance, the boldness, and the influence to make things happen.  

I believe this to be off of Military Parkway in Mesquite, Texas.

My first order of business would be geared for the next generational kids and young adults. What I mean by that is, it would be great if someone used the undeveloped land to build a complex or building that can house a training facility for kids to learn real-world skills and be trained or receive help with their studies. Of course, since it will be a training facility, it can and should be able to assist older adults with guidance on new career training as well.

The kids of this generation can use a little more interaction and exercise. I believe there should be physical training, such as martial arts, gymnastics, and video interaction entertainment that gives them a learning experience as well as, a chance to exercise their muscles and get their blood circulating. This facility should give kids and young adults real experiences for career choices to help them make better career decisions for their future.

The learning environment should take on real scenarios that people face in the world today with full out-come interaction as if they were going through it at that moment. A facility that will also have a large auditorium with a professional stage for inspiring artist for all genres of music, acting, and poetry. This should also be a breeding ground for the young inspiring scientist and researchers of the future. There are so many kids in this day and time that don’t have a clue to what they would like to be in the future. Providing our kids and young adults with ground-breaking next gen thinking and training will be unheard of.

The developers and investors cannot do this out of the kindness of their hearts, they would need to see a constant return on their money spent. After all, this is a hefty investment package undertaking. So, what I suppose is to have this building be like a sort of mall atmosphere that provides a shopping and dining experience like no other. It should have a twelve-movie cinema that provides next level three-dimensional viewing experience that incorporates vibrational movement in the seats for certain viewing experiences. They should have a separate entrance for an aquarium of a next-generation viewing experience for families to enjoy and learn from.

I suppose a cashless atmosphere. This mall type experience should be next generation technology solely on facial recognition or some sort of card payment interaction where you swipe a card displaying a certain amount of credit and access area. The price tag for such an experience will soar into the high hundreds of millions of dollars. All this does not have to be in the same building but complex or campus. A series of complexes joined together which will make one insane experience for families learn and enjoy.

What area would be large enough to house such an astronomical goal with this magnitude? What group of investors would be willing to soar into such a project and make it happen? This will be a project where great minds from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences would have to come together for a common end goal in which can be agreed upon. My imagination is small by comparison. But I can dream, I can envision what it would look like right down to the lighting arrangement in the auditorium to the palm trees and waterfalls on the outskirts of the buildings.

There are so many undeveloped areas that can be put to good use. I am not naive to know there are many people who would punch holes into this dream on why it should not be. Again, I can dream.

Take my immediate area for an example. There is a large space of undeveloped land that was once considered by a large international company as a prime location for one of their facilities. However, it would have meant competition for the existing companies in the area which may have felt threatened.

The big surprise to me was, to hear how the people who lived in the neighborhood are the ones who lobbied against this well-known establishment possibly preventing the company from staking a claim to the undeveloped land. Subsequently, the deal fell through. I want to be clear here, I don’t know what the final decision was on why the deal did not work, but I sure wish it would have succeeded.

People have their own opinions and concerns and are free to voice them. We live in a country that makes that possible and I love it. What I find as sad is, people not willing to accept change out of fear.

Why Are You Here?

Many people often wonder to themselves, why am I here? I wonder what my life’s purpose is supposed to be? I for one, am very interest in hearing from the people who have found answers to the question.  I want to engage my audience with this question to hear their thoughts and opinions on the matter. Will you, my reader answer the question?

Your answer, thoughts, and opinion could benefit other readers.

Is It Really Worth Being Covered For Accidents?

I use to wonder why a person would spend money for accident insurance. First off, let me make this clear. I am not referring to auto accidents, although they would be inclusive in an accident policy. You must have auto insurance by law. What I am referring to is a sole accident policy that covers a person for any type of accident. Whether you were reaching for something in the cabinet and slipped and fell, or outside gardening, or as something so simple as stepping off the curb and braking an ankle or experiencing a sprain.

Most light accidents we don’t even seek medical help. We temporarily become self-appointed doctors and come up with our own remedy and weather the storm of pain. Can you remember the last time you had an accident and had to go seek medical assistance? It’s probably been a long time, right? Well the truth of the matter is very simple, why a person would carry accident insurance can be summed up in three simple words. “Just in Case.” Yes! Just in case of an accident.

That is the sole purpose of insurance anyway, wouldn’t you agree? To have the ability to transfer risk, we must be able to find a company that would compensate us in the event of a catastrophic event of loss. In this context, an accident.

The truth of the matter is this, we cannot tell the future and in the event we, or anyone of our love ones were to experience an accident that demanded we seek help from the medical community. We need to focus on getting well and not have a financial hardship of the accident hinder our recovery process. Does that make sense?

I know, you have never had an accident in your life and don’t plan on having one. I would agree with you if it were based on sound judgment. However, we cannot tell the future and the raw fact is this; anything can happen that is not within our own control. If you have kids, you would know they experience bumps bruises and minor accidents all the time. I am not referring to every single child. But, enough to warrant concern and statistics.

Did you know on Stamford Children’s website they posted statics about accidents with children? (Excerpt) “Each year about 100 children are killed and 254,000 are injured as a result of bicycle-related accidents.” The link to read the full article is here;

Non-auto accidents are quite common, and in fact, you can have an accident just waking up and getting out of the bed the wrong way and pulling something maybe considered an accident. Slipping, breakage, and the list goes on.

Let me ask you this; if you or someone get hurt and you lose time from work who will pay the consistent monthly bills that keep coming. Sure, major medical may lessen the financial burden for the doctor and hospital bills. However, there are millions of Americans who are not adequately prepared with savings or credit cards to help them stay afloat in the event of loss of income.

There are so many Americans living paycheck to paycheck who may face devastating consequences should an accident occur in their family and were left with the inability to pay their living expenses. I want you to think for a few minutes about, what if this happen to you. Are prepare to pay your bills for a month or three months should an accident put you out of commission for a period of time. NO, SERIOUSLY, STOP RIGHT HERE AND THINK!

My question to you is, are you prepared? I heard many people say they cannot afford it. There have been people who have lost their jobs and had to move in with other family members, creating an enormous of amount of stress on both families. When all of it could have been avoided.

It sounds to me, you cannot afford not to be prepared. Find a reparable company today and see what your options are.

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