Hard To Blog While I Study


Studying my insurance CE classes took a toll writing on my blog.  I have waited until the last minute, the last thirty days to study and realized I should have not have done that. Studying for long hours have left me to exhausted to write anything in my blog.  However, this is not a business or I would have had to find time for creating and informing.  My blog is merely my weight loss journey being logged.

I have to admit, I have not stopped working out.  Losing weight safely is a very important thing for me right now.  I was able to continue taking a break from studying for one hour and exercise which helped to break the monotonous routine of studying.

I have also noticed that I have been stuck at 253lbs pounds for two weeks and that was driving me crazy.  Perhaps is was the stress that was brought on by trying to beat the dead line for my license or simply something I was doing wrong or not.  It’s difficult to say.  I believe it’s time to shake up my exercise routine again, something I have done several times and it appears to work.

I will post what happens after changing up my exercise.  I have stopped with the weight training because I was I was building to much muscle and gaining weight instead of losing weight.  I will add light weight training and see what happens.

Do anyone have any Ideas on how to stay focussed on blogging while studying for test?  Please share what you do with me.  Thanks.


Finding What Works, Makes All The Difference


Weight loss has been a roller – coaster ride for me for several years. However, with a little discipline, have finally found something that works for. I am keeping my weight down while losing slowly and keeping the weight off.

I have heard that 90% of what we do outside of the gym counts more than the ten percent of what we do inside the gym that will help obliterate those unwanted pounds, as well as maintain the weight loss too.

However, I have learned what is also a huge and need to have a percentage factored in with the numbers I have mentioned above, is our state of mind, before the weight loss, during losing weight, and while maintaining the weight that we have loss.

It’s no surprise, to see why so many of us have fallen into such a slump and letting our bodies go over a period of time.  For some it’s no being lazy that stops the, it’s just life and our perspective we choose to deliver to ourselves within life.

Sure, it’s important to make a living and take care of the bills and family.  Just as important, not more, is the fact that we must take care of our bodies and state of mind or we will not be able to continue to do the things we need to do for ourselves and family

What is important is balance.  We must find it equilibrium in our live to achieve all that we aspire to do in life and be able to inspire the people around us, while we enjoy all the fruits of that life has to offer.

How I Stay Motivated

In life there are so many things that may try to distract us from our goals, whatever they may be.  So, how to we press forward?  How do you in the storm of adversity stay positive and continue on the path you have set for yourself?

Things I Do to Stay Motivated When Desire to Move Forward Weakens.

Before I embarked on my journey, I had to ask myself “why”.  Why in the world do I want to lose weight? It sure wasn’t because I simply wanted to.  The underlying reason I wanted to lose weight wasn’t very simple.  It was a combination of several reasons; like, being heaving was causing more health issues, it became difficult to walk a few simple steps without becoming winded, it also became increasingly difficult to performed simple task, just to name a few.

I knew I was in for a fight physically and mentally.  Therefore, I had to make certain preparations as best as I could at the time to prepare my self for when things become difficult.  I associated pain with being fat.  I made it a habit to look in the mirror and dislike what I saw and then affirm how I will look when I am done fighting the battle of the bulge.  Mentally envisioning how I would look, how I would feel, and how important losing weight and developing healthy habits will be.

I then envisioned all the things I will try and do as a result of the weight loss.  When life gets me down because of circumstance I cannot control, I thank God for the good things in my life and the power he has over all good things that will come my way.

Then I go back to my “why”.  I look at all the reasons I written down at the beginning and compare it to how far I have come.  I recognize anything worth having sometimes you have to fight tooth and nail to get it.  Once you got it the battle is not over, you have to fight to maintain it.  However, it’s easier to maintain then it is to newly acquire.

How Amazing Change Can Be

new 1

When I first embarked on the journey to lose weight, there were several factors that came into play before starting.  There was the fact that it became increasing difficult to tie my shoes in any position that I tried. Whether it was putting my foot up, trying to bend completely over while standing up, because, trying to tie my shoes while sitting down was just impossible at the time.

Something as simple as tying my shoe laces became a major event that left me quite winded and needed a few minutes to catch my breath.  The simple things I normally take for granted every day while in shape became a major task while out of shape.  I noticed, it took me longer to clean the house and do my daily chores.

My Self Esteem Was Mitigated

My self esteem mitigated and I started doing less and believing that perhaps, I wasn’t cut out to do much in my life and I should succumb to being the less than average fat person and stay out of people’s way who seemed to have a definite purpose in life than I had.

Depression Seeped In

I didn’t notice at the time I was getting depressed and started feeling sick more and more every day.  It felt as if something was trying to pulled me down into some type of bottomless pit and I would die without ever accomplishing anything.  This went on for years undetected.  My relationship suffered to the point of no return and became toxic.  All external relationships that I ever thought to forge for business was destroyed as well.  I simply became unproductive in my life and wanted out.  I wanted a change.  I needed to change.

I found Inner Strength Do Fight to Live

I started to read self-help books and listening to Jim Rohn cd’s in my car.  After several months I noticed a change in my mindset, shift that would lead my down a better road.  I didn’t know how long it would take but I knew and felt this would be a good road for me to take.  Let’s face it, any road was better than the one I was on.

How Goal Setting Help Me Change My Life

At 305lbs, I knew I had a tough road ahead.  But where and how do I start.  After reading and listening to motivational material, I needed to create a goal and follow it.  I must stay perfectly candid here. I was always able to set goals, but, I was never able to stay true to them and be consistent and follow them through to the end.  I still struggle to this day with goal setting.  However, there is one goal I have not waivered on and that is to lose weight.

I had to start with a small goal and when I reached it, I celebrated by myself.  I really had no one to celebrate with any way.  My first goal was to lose ten pounds.  Man was I in for the fight of my life.  Let me tell you why.  It was easy gaining weight because without thinking, you develop so many bad habits and choices that led to an unhealthy lifestyle that you don’t notice you are changing in such a way until it’s to late.  You have to start learning new and heathier habit to replace the old bad habits that is easily said then done.  You also have to learn more about nutrition and how the body process food.  I believe setting small goals and achieving those goals will help you prepare to reach your ultimate goal.  The old saying “you have to crawl before you can walk” is fitting here.

The Change I Am Proud Of

I looked in the mirror the other day and was able to see how far I have come.  I am so proud of myself for having the tenacity to forge through on my quest to lose weight.  To the toon of 55lbs lighter and will continue until I have lost a full 100lbs.  Is this easy no!  Especially, with all the psychological is issues, self-doubt, and sabotaging I went through.  I prevailed through it all.  My journey is not over, I still have a long way to go.  However, if my story and be of some inspiration to someone else, I am humbler for having the opportunity to inspire someone to change.

No Fluff Just Results!!!


Today I wanted to weigh myself for bench mark purposes.  Since, I have changed up my diet and added shakes three times a day.  I have been recording my weight and how I have progressed moved closer to my goal.  About 23 days ago I wanted to shake things up and accelerate my weight loss.  So, I had to think outside the box and take a chance on the advice of someone I have been watching on Instagram and conversing with.

You know how you made to where you at and then you hit a wall and are not seeing the results you want to see?  Right?  That’s when what you are doing is no longer working, then you have to switch it up to something that will work.  That’s exactly what I have done and the progress is now showing.

pic of weight

23 days ago


15 days ago

my weight

8 days ago


This is what I weighed today… Yes! Results.

I Am Finding Out What Works For Me


Since implementing replacement meal shakes into my daily regimen.  I have lost a total of six pound and four weeks.  I must admit, I never thought the shake that I take would also satisfy my sweet tooth as well.  That is huge for me.   In my last post you can see how eating cookies twice a day did more harm, than good over a course of one year.

When I set out to lose weight I knew it was going to be a road of ups and downs.  Not for one minute did I ever believe it would be easy.  I also knew It would take me a long time to get down to my desired weight, which is 190lbs.   It’s been a journey to say the least.  I have met with so many people who have given me great ideas, from how to exercise to what to eat.

One thing I learned through it all is, if you want to lose weight or do anything worth doing in life.  You have to fine out what works for you.  I never discount what others say, I generally try to learn from others who have been in my shoes and those who are specifically professionally trained in an area of their expertise.

Knowing all of that, you still have to find out what works for you.  I was 305lbs I have currently lost 45lbs and still have 70lbs to go.  This is doable for me because I see results that I am proud of right now.  For me, it’s about staying on course and not losing track of my goal.  Never become complacent, because that is how my weight ballooned out of control in the first place.

Is it easy?  No!  Is it worth it?  Yes!!! Without a shadow of a doubt, I am feeling better for having losing the small amount of weight that I have lost already.  Being obese opens the doors and invite so many health issues that only compound a bad situation.

If over time I gained all that weight, then over time I can lose it with a healthier way of living that will help maintain a healthier and longer life.

me sweating in red shirt My daily routine consists of workout with free weights and the machines for thirty minutes followed by the treadmill for thirty to forty-five minutes four days a week.   I realize I was starting to pack on too much muscle and gain weight rather lose weight.  I have now switch it up just to see what will happen.  I hit s the weights only twice a week and do more cardio and found out, the weight started to melt right off.  Hence, finding out what works for me.

Thanks for sharing your time with me today.   My hope is you will have a super fantastice productive day filled prosperity.


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