Working Out While Battling Depression

IMG_20180830_175831Seeing good results in any endeavor is a great feeling.  Losing weight has always been a battle for me.  I have never been able to win that battle.  However, finally I am consistently winning the battle of losing weight.  So far, I have lost 65lbs.  This is huge for me.  It’s also AMAZING!!!  What has been the big change in my weight lost is the change of my diet.

Eating healthy is not just the key thing here.  I have severe sleep apnea and suffer with some of the side affects like gaining weight and waking up extremely tired every day.  I know getting adequate rest is also a huge factor in my quest to lose weight.

I have become very serious about what I eat daily.  I mainly drink water through out the day and when I don’t drink water, I will have a shake.  Outside of my shakes, I drink water.  I eat some fruit and eat a great deal of a variety of salads, opposed many of the starchy foods I was accustom to eating every day and was the chief culprit for me being overweight.

I also noticed when I was really deprived of sleep I would binge eat sweets as if my body was not getting the right amounts of nutrients, carbs, or better put the proper balance.  Having the proper balance is the key with the proper rest.  However, having health issues creates some challenges that one will have to work through like myself.  Just know it still can be done if you want it bad enough.

I have also learned with sleep apnea I have faced bouts with depression and didn’t realize I was.  I found out by trying to understand why I was feeling the way I was feeling.  There are times where I don’t want to do anything and there are times when I feel gun off and want to take on the world.

There were times I didn’t want to get out of the bed and chalked it up to being tired because I didn’t have the proper rest the previous night.  However, when I noticed that I was having this feeling more often, I wanted to take snap shot of my feelings.  What I mean by snap shot is, I wanted to document in my book next to my bed what I was feeling at that particular moment.

Over a thirty-day period I realize there were six days I was feeling depressed and expressed it through my morning thoughts and was able to capture those feelings on thoughts and analyze them over a period two months.  I am still learning and trying understand this as I am writing this.  I also realize my writing as suffered because of this issue.

When I look at how often I post and how often I post in my electronic journal too. I realized my depression was affecting the things I once enjoyed doing.  Depression is difficult to deal with and if we who experience this illness let go unchecked it can become so destructive in everything we do.

I voice my own struggles here in the hopes if anyone does read this post and are not aware of the subtle symptoms can see what I am experience may have a fighting chance to see something happening in their own life and address or seek help.

With a bout of depression, I find going to the gym helps me combat the illness as well.  I get to see I am making progress with my goals to lose weight.  I believe you have to find something in your life that you can go to and find some kind of enjoyment if only for a space of time to help you mold and foster a feeling of appreciation about yourself and what you are trying to accomplish.

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Motivated to Be Fit

Motivated to be fit.

I find it very challenging mentally at times to stay focus on some of my goals.  Even though I may enjoy the journey, there are times when the you experience a down side as well as an up side in every journey.  That’s just life and we all experience differently.  I guess, that is why life can be spicy, bitter, sweet, endearing, challenging, when trying something new scary and challenging.  There are a host of ideas and descriptions we can describe the journeys of life.

I wear my major thought on my T-shirt at times to keep me focused and to keep in mind why I am determined to make a difference in my life, in the hopes that my determination and good deeds might inspire others to become their better selves.

When I say I wear the idea of getting fit, I really mean it, literally! Motivated at the back of the shirt I started making my own shirts to help motivate myself as well as others.  Just like thinking positively is key to doing anything new and challenging.  Tell me what you think.  What do you do to say positive?  What rituals do you partake in?


I Reflect On My “Why” When The Chips Are Down


When nothing else matters, we find our resolve in the moments of adversity and challenging times.  In the silent moments when there are no more cheerful on lookers and as self-doubt seeps in.  We draw upon the strength within and our relentless reason for being and doing, our ultimate reason, or as so many would put it, our “why” to keep the engine of motivation running.  So that we may continue to rise above the self-doubt or our inability to do something that we may not do well at the time.

There are times we may not feel like writing, going to the gym, going to work or even getting out of the bed in the morning because we may not be feeling at our best or as a result of our mitigated resolve or weakened state.  That is why it is so important to have a reason that mean more to you than money to you.

I can only talk from my own experience.  I believe there are times when I feel I can take on the world, motivate, and inspire people.  There are also times where my own resolve appears to be spent. Which leaves me to look at my own notes and remember, reflect, why I do what I do, and why it is important to me to continue to lead the charge in my own life.  I don’t have many people I personally know who can motivate or inspire me, except through books and blogs of perfect strangers.

What I found is this, it’s easy to write about how life is so great and watch others live life to the fullest.  But that’s just cosmetics.  The balance of it all, is to write about the good and the bad things in life.

To have a platform that speaks to its readers with the ability to inspire others to be their better selves even behind closed doors when there is no one looking.

I am an amateur blogger and started to blog openly of my weight loss journey.  Ever since I started blogging I realized I enjoy writing.  Writing about my journey is also a better way to build on writing as I become a better writer.


New Results In Fat Burning Journey


The journey to living in a healthier way has been a difficult one for me.  However, the journey has been an engaging one with ups and down while trying improve my life through underlying health issues.

I believe if you truly go after that which you desire with persistency, determination, and steadfast tenacity.  You will reach that point of achievement for which you have worked so hard to attain.  Having said that, I am over joyed to show some of my recent results as I continue to embark on my one-hundred five pounds fat burning journey.

When I fist decided I needed to do something about my weight I weighed in at 305lbs.  I never thought I would start logging it.  However, the pictures are like a thousand words.




Look how far I have come below.

pic of weight


my weight

IMG_20180626_203628IMG_20180802_222454 (1)

I will soon show what shakes I have been taking which has help facilitate my weight loss.

I am now at 57 pounds loss!!! Yes!!!


Preparing For Old Age While Living In The Present

Family at the Beach

I am constantly learning about my own limits and the constant changes to my body as I am slowly approaching age sixty in a couple of years.  Desire to lose weight, working out, and watching what I eat is not the only thing I must be aware of.  I must also pay close attention to the changes in my body and the new limits that are set by aging.

Our mind does not age as fast as our bodies.  When it comes to age, our minds can be deceiving, which most of the time can be a very good thing.  We all heard the old saying, “Age is just a number.”  When it comes to the mind it’s true.  However, the vessel that houses the mind says something different.

Preparing for old age while living in the present can be provide us with a wakeup call.  As our bodies start to deteriorate our mind appears not to age at all.  Of course, that is how I feel at least.  I notice the older that I get, my mind says I am able to do something until the limitations of my body counter acts with a severe shot of reality to my mind halts or slow down my progress.

The older I get, the more I feel I am running out of time.  I know I cannot be the only one who feels this way and can only imagine there are so many people who feel this way as well.  When we are young we feel invincible, but when we are in our middle age we start to shift our perspective with an emphasis on living longer and having an income to provide us to live comfortable in our golden years.

We also start to take more stock in our health, what we eat, what we put in our bodies, and how simple things that we do or normally take for granted becomes a little challenging to do as we age.  Then we notice things are changing for us.  Our vessels are aging and for some of us, our past of doing harmful things to our bodies come back to haunt us, as we pay the price of bad decisions and wished we had listen to those around us who warned us we should stop doing was it was that was harmful and may cause adverse effects on our bodies in the future.

It’s like playing catch-up, but the damage is already done.  We cannot change the past, but we can control we do for the future to mitigate the deteriorating effects of aging with a less stressful life that includes a healthier outlook on the rest of our life.  In order to do this, we must maintain a good balance in our life.  Something I am still working on myself.

Balance is easily said and a little more difficult to do.   I admire those who can seemly do this with out any thought at all. It comes so natural for them.  They are surrounded by family who love them, friends who admire and adore them.  They have good health, a healthy financial life, good careers and hobbies, a spiritual balance of belief, and a great sense of who they are, which helps them live a fulfilling long life.

At the end, that’s what it’s all about.  Having a sense of gratitude and a sense of establishment having contributed to society as well as enriching the lives that we encounter.  Servicing our ultimate purpose for being here as we shared our god giving talents, gifts, compassion, and love. So that as we lived, we may leave knowing we accomplished what we set out to accomplish with no regrets.

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Hard To Blog While I Study


Studying my insurance CE classes took a toll writing on my blog.  I have waited until the last minute, the last thirty days to study and realized I should have not have done that. Studying for long hours have left me to exhausted to write anything in my blog.  However, this is not a business or I would have had to find time for creating and informing.  My blog is merely my weight loss journey being logged.

I have to admit, I have not stopped working out.  Losing weight safely is a very important thing for me right now.  I was able to continue taking a break from studying for one hour and exercise which helped to break the monotonous routine of studying.

I have also noticed that I have been stuck at 253lbs pounds for two weeks and that was driving me crazy.  Perhaps is was the stress that was brought on by trying to beat the dead line for my license or simply something I was doing wrong or not.  It’s difficult to say.  I believe it’s time to shake up my exercise routine again, something I have done several times and it appears to work.

I will post what happens after changing up my exercise.  I have stopped with the weight training because I was I was building to much muscle and gaining weight instead of losing weight.  I will add light weight training and see what happens.

Do anyone have any Ideas on how to stay focussed on blogging while studying for test?  Please share what you do with me.  Thanks.


Finding What Works, Makes All The Difference


Weight loss has been a roller – coaster ride for me for several years. However, with a little discipline, have finally found something that works for. I am keeping my weight down while losing slowly and keeping the weight off.

I have heard that 90% of what we do outside of the gym counts more than the ten percent of what we do inside the gym that will help obliterate those unwanted pounds, as well as maintain the weight loss too.

However, I have learned what is also a huge and need to have a percentage factored in with the numbers I have mentioned above, is our state of mind, before the weight loss, during losing weight, and while maintaining the weight that we have loss.

It’s no surprise, to see why so many of us have fallen into such a slump and letting our bodies go over a period of time.  For some it’s no being lazy that stops the, it’s just life and our perspective we choose to deliver to ourselves within life.

Sure, it’s important to make a living and take care of the bills and family.  Just as important, not more, is the fact that we must take care of our bodies and state of mind or we will not be able to continue to do the things we need to do for ourselves and family

What is important is balance.  We must find it equilibrium in our live to achieve all that we aspire to do in life and be able to inspire the people around us, while we enjoy all the fruits of that life has to offer.

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